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13 November

Visit from Barrier-Free Art Platform to Rector Mr. Çapoğlu

13 November|

Mr. Erdem Öksüz, Head of Turkey Barrier-Free Art Union Platform and Direction-Free Art Association and Mr. Lokman Albayrak, Head of Social Services Club of our university and board members have visited Rector Prof. Dr. İlyas Çapoğlu. During the visit in the Rector's office, the Rector and his guests have had a talking for a while. Rector [...]

10 November

Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk has been commemorated at our university.

10 November|

Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the Founder of Republic of Turkey, has been commemorated with various programs at our university on the 79th anniversary of his death. While the poetries about Atatürk has been read by the students of the Faculty of Education in the program, the text containing the answer of youth to Atatürk [...]

10 November

Visit from Electric-Electronic Club to Karadiğin Primary School

10 November|

Electric- Electronic Club of our university has visitted Karadiğin Primary School within the scope of village school visits that they initiated last year. At the end of the activity, members of the club have given various gifts to students such as books, stationeries etc. Asst. Prof. Dr. Yunus Akaltun, academic advisor of the club, has [...]

9 November

Our Rector has visited Çayırlı Vocational High School

9 November|

Rector Prof. Dr. İlyas ÇAPOĞLU has visited Çayırlı Vocational High School. Rector Prof. Dr. ÇAPOĞLU has examined at Çayırlı Vocational High School within the scope of unit visits and sharing meetings. Prof. Dr. Çapoğlu has said “We care about the work here so much. If you have problem, you should express your suggestion. Please plan [...]

9 November

Handover Ceremony at Tercan Vocational High School

9 November|

Asst. Prof. Dr. Mehmet RIZVANOĞLU, Director of Tercan Vocational High School, has transferred his job of directorship to Asst. Prof. Dr. Erhan ZEYTUN, academic member of Üzümlü Vocational High School. After handover ceremony, Rector and retinue have visited classrooms, listened to students’ problem ve given important advices for them to reach success in their academic [...]

7 November

30th Anniversary Events of Erasmus+ in Erzincan University

7 November|

30th Anniversary Story from Erasmus to Erasmus+ – Erasmus+ Meeting Programme hosted by our university has been organised within the scope of 30th anniversary celebration of Erasmus+. Governor Ali ARSLANTAŞ, Rector Prof. Dr. İlyas ÇAPOĞLU, Deputy Secretary of Ministry for EU Affairs Ahmet YÜCEL, Turkey Delegation Minister Counseller of Ministry for EU Affairs Simona GATTİ, [...]

4 November

Prime Minister Binali YILDIRIM has laid the foundation of new building of Refahiye Vocational School

4 November|

Prime Minister Binali YILDIRIM has laid the foundation of new bulding which will be done with the help of benefactor businessman Özcan HALAÇ. Minister of Youth and Sports Aşkın BAK; Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet ARSLAN; General Director of Highways İsmail KARTAL; General Director of Credit and Dormitories Agency Sinan AKSU; Governor [...]

3 November

Prime Minister Mr. Binali YILDIRIM is at Erzincan University

3 November|

Prime Minister Binali YILDIRIM has attented the opening of 2017-2018 Academic Year of our university and the opening ceremonies of Prof. Dr. Erdoğan Büyükkasap Congress and Culture Center. Mr. YILDIRIM has wished Erzincan University's new academic year to be beneficial to the country and the nation. Some Notes from Opening Ceremony Prime Minister Mr. YILDIRIM [...]

12 October

Technical Visit of Tercan Vocational High School

12 October|

  Within the scope of technical visit of the students of Tercan Vocational High School, Property Protection and Security Department, Occupational Health and Safety Programme have made a series of visit to various factories being active in their branches in Erzincan. The students studying with Instructor Erhan Demir have visited “Aşkale Cement, Üçel Birlik Cam [...]

9 October

Visit from Succesful Sportsmen to our Rector

9 October|

  Erzincan Youth Services and Sports Province Director Burak Mumcu, Head of Amateur Sports Clubs Emir Turan and athletes accredited nationally and internationally in various sports branches have visited Rector Prof. Dr. İlyas Çapoğlu. Rector Prof. Çapoğlu has stated that every success in sport contributes to the national sport and he has congratulated the athletes [...]