The meanings conveyed by the emblem:
Emblem Logo
  1. 1-a double-headed eagle, Seljuki motif
  2. Akkoyunlu Dynasty motif, Battering Rams figure,
  3. The water drop symbolizing the Euphrates (Karasu),
  4. Honeycomb,
  5. Bunch of grapes.
  6. The circle and the top edge of double-headed eagle section of the emblem, flipped up from the top down, symbolizes “B” letter of the alphabet of Gokturks (Blue Turks). At the same time the icon means “eb”,  “House” or “residence”.
  7. The circular form in hexagonal structure of the emblem means Erzincan University is a university moving from local vision  to the world.
  8. As for the the colors used in the emblem, ultra marine blue reflects the impact of academic institution while the contours of the emblem are embedded with gild.