Erzincan is an important settlement located on the historical Silkroad in the Eastern Anatolia Region. The city, situated on the centre of a lowland surrounded by high mountains and by the northern edge of the Firat River, has a population of 103.230. Conquered and added to Ottoman Empire boundaries by Fatih Sultan Mehmet, invaded by the Russian forces in 1916, retrieved in 1918, Erzincan, finally in 1923, became a city centre. Today , especially the state  remains and castles from the Urartu and Hittite times and the mosques , fountains , bridges and caravanserais from the Seljukian and Ottoman terms light the cultural structure of the city. Erzincan, in which copper has a great importance regarding the crafts, is noteworthy for tourism with its natural loveliness in addition to its cultural structure. Its uplands, mountains, streams, lakes and natural forests enliven the natural loveliness of the region. That natural ambient enables it in Erzincan to do several kinds of sports. In addition to the natural sports such as trekking through the natural lakes and uplands on Munzur Mountains, rafting in Firat, paragliding, camping, rock climbing, canoeing, surfing in Tercan and Erzincan dams and winter sports, javelin is also a successfully carried sport. The cultural wealth, sports and natural grandeur of the city consist of the potential for tourism. Erzincan is worthseeing with the mountains surrounding it, with the vineyards inside it and with the great labour it hosts for city planning.


By the year 2010, there has been about 54000 printed publications in our central and sub-libraries. Those publications has been provided through purchasing or donation. Besides, there is a periodic collection of journals which have been donated to our libraries up to now. We have subscriptions to 13 databases for supporting the attempts to reach to the sources of information.


There are computer laboratories for the student utilization in each unit of our university. There are still 1144 PCs in total at our university meaning that there is one PC for each 10 students.

EU CRITERIA at VOCATIONAL HIGH SCHOOLS                                                            

Regarding the future professions, our university, in such a period in which the notion of university expands to each city, institutes new departments and programmes considering the own country, eu and world facts to make the advantage of competing with other universities and find jobs to its graduates and to produce sufficient workforce.

In this context, some of the deparments or programmes instituted are as follows: Logistics, Rail Systems, Emergency and Disaster Management, Tourist Guidance, Postal Services, Foreign Trading, Organic Agriculture, Greenhouse, Labour Safety and Worker Health, Environmental Cleaning Services, Civil Aviation, Alternative Sources of Energy, Human Resources Management, Climatisation and Refrigeration.


The Young Erzincan University, having the vision of  “Una Universa Academia in Anatolia,”  serves to 13.564 students with its 3 Institutions (Natural Applied Sciences Institution, Social Sciences Institution, Health Sciences Institution), 7 Faculties (Educational Sciences, Law, Arts and Sciences, Medicine, Business and Administrative Sciences, Engineering, Theology), 3 Institutions of Higher Education (Health, Civil Aviation, Kemaliye H.A. Akin Tourism and Hotel Management), 11 Vocational High Schools (Central VHS, Theology, Kemaliye H.A. Akin, Refahiye, Tercan, Health Services, Üzümlü, Kemah, Tourism and Hotel Management, Çayirli, İliç) and 406 academic and 475 (278 permanent, 197 contracted) administrative staff.



Mountaineering Club aims to develop and expand mountaineering and train students who can later give education in this field.


Associating to Social Sensitive Youth Club, our students, who aim to carry the sense of solidarity to the future, did not leave the disabled alone with their colorful costumes in the Disabled Feast organized by the Institution of Beyazay. Besides, our Club constituted the Erzincan University AKUT Students Team inclusive of a protocol with the AKUT Search and Rescue Institution.


The club succeeds many activities to endear Turkish History and Culture.


Aiming to educate both spiritual and physical healthy persons via nature sports such as rafting, canoeing, paragliding and mountaineering, our club brings experiences in emergency actions and disaster responses, as well.


Aiming to form a society that has the environmental conscious with the help of the activities it organize, the club acts in a close co-operation with the non-governmental organizations.


Love of country and friendship are gaining strength thanks to the activities of our club which aims to introduce the beauties of our country to our students.


That club aims to help the students to produce ideas in the field of science and technology and to introduce the ones who have succeeded in this field to the students.


In addition to the lessons, the club organizes activities for the students about the literary genres which may be influential in their emotional and social development.


Aims to instruct the importance of data processing to the students, raise their awareness about data processing and to ensure more participation to data processing sector.


Dating back to the year 1967, the Faculty of Educational Sciences of Erzincan University, with a human-centered reasoning, has undertaken to produce scientific information about education, present the educational services related with the society which the territory and the nation need and educate instructors who are favored also in the international scope. Having 16 departments in 7 sections, it is ranked in the forefronts among the Faculties of Educational Sciences in Turkey. Besides the laboratories of computer, chemistry, biology and physics, it responds to the needs of the era with its electronical gear in each classroom. The journal of Faculty of Educational Sciences is a scientific journal publishing the authentic research essays about scientific subjects and the articles which evaluate a specific subject and summarize it with the knowlegde level of the modern-day. The journal is open to any researchers from any institutions.

  • Physical Education and Sports Teaching
  • Computer and Instructional Technologies Teaching
  • Educational Sciences
  • Music and Fine Arts Teaching
  • Department of Primary School Education
  • Turkish Language Teaching
  • Foreign Languages Teaching



Faculty of Arts and Sciences was founded on July 16, 2003 affiliated to Atatürk University. It was named as the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of Erzincan University on March 01, 2006. It has 772 students and 81 teaching staff.

The journal “Turkish Studies”, published by the teaching staff of the Turkish Language and Literature Department, is presented to the use of the Turcology concerned people all over the world via internet. Moreover, there is another journal published by the students named as “Dilden Dile” (From Language to Language).

  • Turkish Language and Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Geography
  • History
  • Biology



Founded on June 27, 1987 as the 7th one in our country, our Faculty of Law has proved its quality with its background and succeeded both in point of student and academic staff. It has headed not only for a goal of national rank but also for a goal which may represent it in international scope, and has already reached a specific position in international scope. Also, the journal of Erzincan Faculty of Law which has been being published since 1997 has an important position within its own scope. Up to now, the faculty has presented many symposiums, panels and conferences both in “national” and “international” contexts, and has hosted many respectable participants both from the other faculties of law and abroad.


It was agreed on June 01, 2010 by the Council of Ministers to found a Faculty of Theology affiliated to Erzincan University Rectorship according to the additional 30th proviso of the 28/03/1983 dated and 2809 numbered legislation upon the 27/05/2010 dated and 8873 numbered decision of the Ministry of Education.


Founded on July 17, 2008, the Faculty of Business and Administrative Sciences aims to make its academic staff achieve scientific researches, publications and activities convenient to international norms. The faculty has 6 classrooms, 6 lecture halls, a computer room, a canteen, a dining hall and a library in which there are about 2500 products and periodic publications.

  • Department of Management
  • Department of Economics
  • Departmant of Public Administration
  • Department of International Relations
  • Department of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations



Erzincan University which improves itself with its developing educational quality and new departments on the way to be a Universal University in Anatolia on one hand, presents Erzincan and Erzincan University in the national and international senses on the other. Founded five years ago, this university has taken important steps in international communication in a short time, as well. Erzincan University has signed bilateral agreements with 22 countries within Erasmus and Socrates Programmes, started student and academic staff exchange and become involved in Magna Charta and Black Sea Network processes. Erzincan University has enabled 70 students and 50 academic staff to go to several countries such as France, Estonia, Slovakia, Italy, Portugal, Poland and Denmark by means of Erasmus mobility programme for the sake of development and for them to have the chance to study in other countries. Having the membership to Black Sea Universities Network which ensures the collaboration and quality assurance between universities, Erzincan University has got the opportunity to carry out research and development studies, student and academic staff exchange, academic studies and projects, and through Magna Charta it aims to take a part among the European Universities. And has taken another important step for the sake of being a European University thanks to European Universities Union.


The lunch for both students and academic staff is prepared in the same kitchens and the same kinds of meal are given in different dining halls upon calculating the necessary amount of the calories according to the season. Taken into service within faculties, nutritionists constitute control mechanism to supply much healtier food for students and staff. In 4 dining halls in our faculties and vocational high schools, we supply 4 kinds of meal to about 2000-2500 people per day. The fees for the meal are regulated by the university considerin the economical situation of the students. Besides, in our central unit and other departments, there are canteens and cafeterias which meet the needs of the students.


Psychological Guidance and Counselling Unit serves to help students in solving emotional, social or education and choice of profession related problems which they may encounter.


Our university determines the students who meet the conditions to get the scholarship and provides scholarship for those students sending them to Credits and Dormitories Agency in accordance with the regulations about credits and scholarship for higher education students admitted on 3th March, 2004.


Erzincan Culture and Education Endowment provides scholarship opportunities to our students on the purpose of protecting them, making them feel that Erzincan Culture and Education Endowment supports Erzincan University students anytime and increasing their morale and motivation.


The students of the faculty, which was founded on May 17, 2007 in accordance with the 5662 numbered law, are still studying under Atatürk University. The rough work of the faculty construction in the Erzincan University Health Sciences Campus has been completed and the indoor regulations are being fulfilled.


Faculty of Engineering of Erzincan University was founded in accordance with March 1, 2010 dated and 2010/180 numbered decision by the Council of Ministers, issued in official journal. Faculty of Engineering aims to contribute to the development of our country through educating young engineers who are capable of having a background in solving engineering problems and using that in his/her own field, thinking analytically, owning features of leadership and creativity, using necessary information and technical equipment efficiently, solving the problems quickly and practically, finding new solutions through making relations among subjects, improving himself/herself through following the technological developments throughout the world and bearing the responsibility of being an engineer through producing information and technics.

  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering



Dependent on Ministry of Education, Central Vocational High School began its education in 1976-1977 academic year with 176 students from Electric, Constructure, Engine and Economy departments. Together with the foundation of the Council of Higher Education in 1982, it continued its educational activities under Atatürk University. Since then, based on the law proposing the foundation of Erzincan University in 2006, it has been going on giving education under Erzincan University.

Most of the academic staff at our school, which is within the scope of the Council of Higher Education and World Bank Project, have participated in foreign educational studies. Each atelier and laboratory has been equipped with modern instruments for each programme at our school with that project, as well. All the theorical and applied information necessary for the sectors of industry, commerce and labour are given through a comprehensive programme within the 2 years of education.

Central Vocational High School aims to provide modern educational ambient to educate the qualified, solvent and eminent staff between the administrator and labourer having the necessary information, talent and modern aspects for Professional-Technical and Economics-Administrative Educations within the international standards which are necessary for businesses together with the developing technology.

Hand Crafts Carpet Business

Jewellery and Jewellery Designing

Marketing and International Trade Marketing
Economics and Taxing Economics and Taxing Applications
Administration and Organization Logistics
Office Management and Secretariats Office Management and Secretariats
Law Justice
Mechanics and Metal Technologies Mechanics
Computer Technologies Computer Programming
Electrics and Energy Electrics

Gas and Gas Fittings Technology

Alternate Energy Sources

Electronics and Automation E- Communication Technologies

Electronic Technologies

Controlling and Automation Technologies

Motor Vehicles and Transportation Technologies Automotive Technologies
Textile, Clothing, Footwear and Leather Textile Technologies
Materials and Manipulation Technologies Furniture and Decorating
Architecture and City Planning Mapping and Land Registry
Constructure Building Technologies


Founded in 1996, Kemaliye Vocational High School began education with Fisheries and Apiculture programmes. Later, in addition to those programmes some other programmes began education such as; Computer assisted Projection and Carpet Business in 1997, Sericulture in 1998, Computer Technologies and Programming Education in 2003. Since the foundation of Erzincan University on March 1, 2006, Kemaliye Hacı Ali Akın Vocational High School has been keeping educational activities under Erzincan University. In 2007 academic year, the school started giving education in Restoration programme.

There is also a Vocational High School of Tourism and Hotel Management giving 4 years of education in Kemaliye town which has an importance for tourism. It is thought that this school will contribute to the region in terms of both education and tourism.

Vegetative and Animal Production Apiculture
Computer Technologies Computer
Hand Crafts Carpet Business
Architecture and City Planning Archi-restoration
Fisheries Fisheries


Refahiye Vocational High School is an eminent educational institutiton under fastly developing and progressing Erzincan University which is among the newly-founded universities in our country. One of the four educational institutions out of the central campus of Erzincan University, Kemaliye Vocational High School was founded on February 2, 1995. The goal in the foundation has been to contribute to Refahiye’s economical, social and cultural development as well as providing the professional workforce that Turkey needs. Refahiye Vocational High School has been serving for 13 years as a part of that mission.

Our aim is to bring Refahiye Vocational High School among the important and successful educational institutions of Erzincan and Turkey. In this respect, our primary target is to develop our current academic and administrative constitution and physical capacity. Hosting many students from all over Turkey, our school has been more preferable since the academic year of 2008-2009 in which Rail Systems Management and Rail System Roads Programmes became functioning. Together with the activation of “Rail Systems Electrics-Electronics Technology and Postal Services Programmes (formal education and evening education)” in 2009-2010 academic year, the number of the programmes under our school increased to nine. In tihs sense, Refahiye Vocational High School improves itself on the way to become an eminent and successful institution of education. It is tried hardest to educate our students as to be preferred for their knowlegde and talent in private and public sectors.

Economics and Taxing Economics and Taxing Applications
Administration  and Organization Economics and Taxing Applications (E.E)

Postal Services

Office Management and Secretariats Postal Services (E.E)
Electrics and Energy Office Management and Secretariats
Motor Vehicles and Transportation Technologies Electrics

Rail Systems Elektrics and Electronics Technology

Rail Systems Road Technology

Transportation Services Rail Systems Administration



Haci Ali Akin Tourism and Hotel Management Vocational High School was founded on March 1, 2010 by the Council of Ministers according to the additional 30th proviso of the 28/03/1983 dated and 2809 numbered legislation upon the 27/05/2010 dated and 16377 numbered decision of the Ministry of Education.


At Tercan Vocational High School, which was founded on June 16, 1995, the first programmes to be opened were Electrics and Fisheries under Technical Programmes and Economics (named as Computer-based Economics and Taxing Applications previously) under Business and Administrative Programmes. On September 2, 2003 the programme of Office Management and Secretariats was opened under Business and Administrative Programmes.

Since the foundation (1998), our school has been keeping on education in a duplex building belonging to Tercan Municipality. All the classrooms have been technologically equipped, modern computer laboratories have been constituted, a new electrics and designing laboratory and an aquarium fishery laboratory have been opened at our school. All the academic staff have been provided with PCs and printers with internet connections to able them to follow the technology and reach the information sources easily. The Internet Centre, which is aimed to be used by our students to follow the technology and information, has been re-constituted according to the latest changes in technology. Besides, we have constituted a new library and a reading hall in which we provided many books for our students and we are trying to provide new source books owing to the requests by our academic staff and students. There are several photocopiers serving for our staff and students. Moreover, we bought a cage, a boat and the other equipment related from Tercan Governorship Village Services Body to carry out seagoing salmon fishery in Tercan Reservoir. The current Fisheries Programme is used by the academic staff and students purposeful of research and application.

Economics and Taxing Economics and Taxing Applications

Economics and Taxing Applications (E.E)

Office Management and Secretariats Office Management and Secretariats
Computer Technologies Computer Programming

Computer Programming (E.E)

Electrics and Energy Electrics
Fisheries Fisheries


Atatürk University Erzincan Vocational High School of Health, which was founded according to the September 10, 1992 dated protocol between Ministry of Health and the Council of Higher Education about transformation of some of the Health High Schools to Vocational High Schools of Health Services and their activation under universities, has been named as Vocational High School of Health Services since the foundation of Erzincan University. Being inactive until its addition to Erzincan University, Vocational High School of Health Sciences started education with Child Development, Medical Documentation and Secretariats Programmes under Health Programmes Department in the academic year of 2008-2009 in the wake of the acceptance of the proposal of our university by General Commission of Higher Education.

Erzincan University has opened the programme of Emergency Case and Natural Disasters Management under the Vocational High School of Health Services considering the insufficiency of staff necessary for the emergency cases and natural disasters increasing. Being the first programme to give education in associate degree, programme of Emergency Case and Natural Disasters Management started education in 2009-2010 academic year with 30 students. The programme aims to educate intermediate members who can overcome the crisis with the least loss and lead the preparations and doings.

Nursing and Care Services Child Development
Medical Services and Techniques Medical Documentation and Secretariats
Property Protection and Security Emergency Case and Natural Disasters Management

Worker Health and Labour Safety

Environment Clean Up Services Environment Clean Up and Controlling


Located out of the central campus of Erzincan University, Uzunlu Vocational High School was founded on September 9, 2008. In the first academic year in 2009-2010 term, it hosted 140 students. Several programmes have been opened at our school which are rare in Turkey and may contribute to Üzümlü town.

Computer Technologies Computer Programming
Vegetative and Animal Production Organic Agriculture
Vegetative and Animal Production Greenhouses
Electrics and Energy Climatisation Technology
Fisheries Fisheries
Whole and Retail Sales Retail Sale and Store
Whole and Retail Sales Administration
Motor Vehicles and Transportation Estate and Estate Management
Technologies Automotive Technology
Administration and Organization Human Resources Management
Marketing and International Trade International Trade



Located out of the central campus of Erzincan University, Cayirli Vocational High School was founded upon 15/01/2009 dated and 258 numbered decision of the Council of Higher Education. Hosting no students yet, the construction works of the school are still on. The academic units adn programmes planned to give education under Cayirli Vocational High School are;

Vegetative and Animal Production Organic Agriculture Programme
Nourisment Management Diary Products
Marketing and International Trade Marketing


Kemah Vocational High School, whose construction was started on October 24, 2007, is located on a closed area of 5062 squaremeters on a field of 27000 squaremeters. The school has 8 classrooms, 2 computer laboratories and a sports hall which is prepared for the sports and cultural activities to be held in. In the service builging, there are electronic classrooms, a library, a refectory and a canteen. Besides, there is an internet cafe of 20 computers in the arranged by Erzincan Telecom Directorate in the guestshouse prepared for the academic staff. There are dormitories for our male and female students in the campus of the school. The dormitories have canteens, study rooms and bathrooms which may meet some of the needs of the students.

Economics and Taxing Economics and Taxing Applications

Economics and Taxing Applications (E.E)

Finance-Banking and Insurance Banking and Insurance
Whole and Retail Sales Estate and Estate Management
Computer Technologies Computer Programming



The first department to be opened was Nursing at the School of Health which was founded in 1996 and the first time to give education to students was the academic year of 1999-2000.

The Department of Nurishment and Dietetics was opened in 2005 and the necessities to bring students in that department are still being carried. It is the fourth institution aiming to carry nourisment education and researches and educate members of professions like dieticians in Turkey.

The school, which had given education in a prefabricated building until the month July of 2004 temporarily, has reached a modern structure together with the well equipped classrooms, a cinevision hall, a library and a canteen in the newly built building and a xystus in the campus.

  • Department of Nursing
  • Department of Nurishment and Dietetics
  • Department of Nourishmet Sciences
  • Department of Dietetics
  • Department of Mass Nourishment Systems
  • Department of Socio-Nourishment



Erzincan University School of Civil Aviation was founded in accordance with the decision by Council of Ministers issued in 29/04/2009 dated official journal. School of Civil Aviation is supported by a private protocol signed between Erzincan University and Ministry of Transportation and Celebi Holding Inc.Co. The school building is, still, under construction in the campus of Yalnizbag.


It was agreed to found a Vocational High School of Tourism and Hotel Management under Erzincan University according to the 7/d-2 proviso of the 2547 numbered legislation in accordance with the decisions taken in 22/07/2008 dated General Commission of Higher Education meeting.

Internalizing the universal specifications, Vocational High School of Tourism and Hotel Management aims to be a school which can educate qualified members to be employed in the sector of tourism which is a part of the rivalry of the increasing work labour of the world, contribute to the economy of the region and find solutions to the problems of tourism sector.

Hotel, Restaurant and Treat Services Hospitality Services

Hospitality Services (E.E)

Travelling-Tourism and Entertainment Services Tourism and Travelling Services

Tourism and Travelling Services (E.E)

Tourist Guidance

Tourist Guidance (E.E)


Marketing and International Trade Marketing
Administration and Organization The Cooperative System
Electrics and Energy Electric Power Production

Transferring and Distribution

Climatisation Technology

Food Processing Diary Productions Technology
Mining Mining Technology
Architecture and City Planning Land Registry
Construction Geotechnical
Vegetative and Animal Production Cattle and Sheep Cultivation